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Davidson Village Network Resources— Useful, unusual, quirky and fun

You probably know lots of online searches to do, like “AirBnB” for places to stay when you travel, and “Senior Resources” for stuff that’s particularly aimed at our age group.

This Davidson Village Network(DVN) Community Resource page tips you off to unusual, quirky, and fun businesses, community activities, events, discounts, and websites.

We will add new sections periodically, so email us your ideas for the upcoming categories—scroll down for that list.


Road Scholar

“Inspiring instructors, spirited conversations, new friends, new experiences — being a Road Scholar encompasses the best of the university experience.”


These tours are “fun, affordable, and culturally broadening.”

Rick Steves Tours

Burke Christian Tours

Davidson Parks and Recreation – Day Trips

Shepherd’s Center Travels

Travel Deals for Seniors

Golden Age Park Pass

We live in a beautiful country and our national parks are an extraordinary treasure. The cost is $80, which still isn’t bad for a lifetime pass.

Have more ideas for “Trippin'”? Email us them to us.

 SAVE A BUCK.. (Local discounts)

 Local Discounts – restaurants and other services

Lake Norman Area Savings

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL (and other Cultural Pleasures)

Time Goes By Blog – Music Category

DRUGS  (prescriptions and medical breakthroughs)

Mayo Clinic

Discount Prescriptions

MY HOUSE IS A VERY VERY VERY FINE HOUSE (Homes, yours and others’)

Minka House – Unique solution to Living and Aging

Aging in Place Design and Remodeling Resource


Dr. Bill Thomas




Ashton Applewhite


Namaste Connections

IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS – About our generation (sites specific to our demography, issues, public policy, interests) 

Time Goes By

I GOT TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT… (Staying active)





Davidson Parks and Rec Yoga for Seniors

TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF (BECAUSE THE KIDS MIGHT NOT)(healthy aging, resources, adaptation to changing circumstances, new treatments, safety in the home)

Aging 411


KnowHow – Contact Davidson Village Network’s Vice President, David Critchlow, for more information. You can send him an email at


Atul Gawande

Additional Topics — to come in the near future: 

READ ON (reviews of great books on aging)

Disrupt Aging




Aging Well




The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Aging As A Spiritual Practice

DIG IT (Gardening)

GOT THE MUNCHIES? Food and restaurant features

NEED A BELLY LAUGH? Or  want to hear Trivia ?                           Addicting time wasters- (amusing or interesting links, videos, etc)

YOU SAY TOMAHTO   (Communication)