Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities for Volunteers at Davidson Village Network

  • We are at a point in our existence that we truly want to embrace what it means to “Reframe Aging.” We want to do everything that promotes a fulfilling and purposeful life.
  • Our Village is entering a new era, alive with growth and changes in our community. What we want most is to provide active and meaningful services and opportunities to our members and volunteers.
  • There are examples of dynamic people who have stepped up to lead and organize the rich mosaic of teams, committees, and boards that help our Village to thrive. Outreach, event planning, communications, service providers, relationship building, coordinators —all these and more are available to any and all members and volunteers who want to join us in taking on the vital work of building our community. If you’re already an experienced manager or leader, you can continue to exercise those skills. And if you want to develop those abilities, you, too, are welcome to join one of our teams, and perhaps move on to become another Davidson Village Network leader.

Step up, and help our Village reframe what it means to be a community!

Contact us at (980) 689-1843

The following are some of the specific opportunities in which you could help:

  • NEIGHBORHOOD GROUPS Support: Need someone to help with: planning regular gatherings, helping with outreach and communication between the DVN Administration and members, managing lists, welcome emails & monthly event reminders.
  • TECHNOLOGY TEAM Members: Need individuals who want to use technical skills to develop reports and     manage the data administration for the Organization. Record-keeping and  updating the member database and village operation software requires some   time and basic technical skills.


  • Administrative Assistant to the MEMBER SUPPORT SERVICES AREA
     The administrative assistance volunteer to the Member Support must have solid computer (PP and excel), communications and organizational skills.  In addition, attentive to detail and enjoy performing office support tasks as needed, including filing.  Time commitment is up to 4-5 hrs per week.
  •  MEMBER SUPPORT TEAMS’ Coordinator:
     You will work with the various teams under the Member Support area, including: Connections; Caring Team, Decluttering, Healthier Aging, etc.  Some of the tasks for this role include: keeping track of teams and help recruit members; following up on assignments for each team; coordination of teams’ meetings, working with Member Support Manager to address teams’ needs, etc.  You should have solid organizational skills to track development and assignments of the teams; work well with others and be comfortable engaging volunteers; have good communication skills.
    • CARING TEAM Leader
     Caring Team Volunteers reach out to members with a phone call, card or other brief contact that conveys our awareness of a challenging situation such as illness, bereavement, hospitalization, or to congratulate on a special happy occasion. Demands for this team are small, but their roles can make a difference to members.
    • CONNECTIONS TEAM Coordinator
     You get to know our accomplished and interesting members who can’t get out as much as they used to, with on-going visits or activities. Have tea, take a walk, discuss current event, play board games. Make an interesting Connection. We are looking for a volunteer who can support, match and coordinate member and volunteers on this program.
    • HEALTHY AGING Assistant
     You'll help to organize hikes, neighborhood walks, plan health promoting workshops, and/or assist with monthly newsletter promoting health and well being of members.
     Organize and Accompany members who enjoy walking along with the help of other volunteers. May help leaders with administrative work if interested (exploring new activities, writing descriptions, taking photographs, etc).
  • Assistance needed with grant research and writing, donor cultivation and stewardship, pursuit of corporate sponsorship and the development of earned income opportunities
    • Grant writing
    • Pursuit of strategic business alliances

Examples include:
1) developing strategies to expand the outreach plan to increase

2) explore sources for new members, and
3) examining feasibility of adding new member groups, such as low-income housing facilities.
Volunteers with entrepreneurial interest and capacity strongly welcomed.

  • NEWSLETTER Coordinator

Assistance or leadership in managing the monthly newsletter. This will include creating, reviewing and production through an online platform called Constant Contact.


Needs vary from creating content for promotional materials and invitations, design flyers, making phone calls, distribute materials, attend meetings, monitor participation, and in general assist staff coordinating communication across different teams. We encourage candidates to commit 4-8 hours per week. Experience in communications field and with websites is welcome.

Here are some other immediate opportunities within DVN’s Marketing and Program Committees: 
  • Facebook Assistant: Post information three times per week.
  • Publicity Assistant:Write two short articles for the newsletter each month about matters pertinent to aging, features on volunteers, members or events. Marketing Chairperson will assist with article direction.
  • Community Information Assistant:Publish schedule of events on Davidson News, Town of Davidson Calendar and send Press release to the Huntersville Herald.
    • The Committee is also seeking one-time volunteers (no long-term commitment involved!) to:
      host a morning coffee, afternoon tea, or happy hour at a local venue
      lead a walk, bike ride or other summer outing
      organize a game night or afternoon
      plan a theater or movie outing
      suggest a book on aging (or related topic) and lead a group discussion
      share a talent or craft
      have a story telling event
If you'd like to support the work of Davidson Village Network, meet other Village volunteers, work together to organize interesting activities - and have fun doing it - please contact Laurie Walker, Marketing Program Director at laurie1059@gmail.com or the Davidson Village Network office (980) 689-1843.