Member Spotlight and Announcements

In this section, we would like to recognize and spotlight our members so that from their words and comments and accomplishments you can get to know who we are and about our community of friends and neighbors.

Member Spotlight of the month: Joyce Nunzio

Joyce recently celebrated her 90th birthday. She is our first social member from Cornelius and our number one supporter. If you are walking by her balcony when she is sitting outside – you will learn about Davidson Village Network. She loves to spread the word!

Member News and Accomplishments:

New Members:         

Welcome to these new social members who have joined in the last 2 months.

Scott  Monoghan

Cliff and MaryAnne Hammond

Bill and Bonne McCoy

Member Renewals:


Memorial to our Members : 

Over the last 2 months, we have unfortunately lost two of our members. We extend to the family our condolences and are grateful for having had the time to get to know and work with these members. The obituary for these members is attached as a link below.

Julian Mason 

Ann Marie Trotter