Frequently Asked Questions

What is Davidson Village Network?

Davidson Village Network is a grassroots, 501(c)3 nonprofit launching in 2017 to provide services, activities, and programs that members want to live more safely, more confidently, and more independently in their homes and neighborhoods.

Who can join Davidson Village Network?

Members may live in any neighborhood within Davidson. A relative or friend may purchase a membership for a resident of Davidson, even if the buyer lives elsewhere.

A member is someone age 50+ who:

  • would more fully enjoy life, retirement and/or free time if they had some assistance inside and/or outside their home;
  • chooses to remain in their home in order to enjoy a satisfying, healthy lifestyle and desires some assistance (non-medical) to do so;
  • is single, married, partnered or sharing their home with others.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.

What services and programs do members receive? 

Transportation: round-trip rides to appointments, shopping and events provided by a trained volunteer (free) or a preferred vendor.

Household assistance: volunteer help with simple handyman tasks, snow removal, light garden or cleaning chores; other non-medical services as requested.

Fun activities: social events, interest groups, exercise classes, coffee dates or meals out, etc., planned by members, for members! Some activities, such as concerts or classes, require direct payment by members.

Electronics coaching: assistance with learning or operating computers, cell phones, pads, and other devices.

Office support: organizing an office, home or collection.

 Personal services: check-in phone calls, house-sitting, pet care.

Information and referral: one-call access (online or phone) to a knowledgeable “concierge” who can connect you to the resource you need.

What about social activities?

We attend concerts and lectures, form groups to pursue common interests or exercise, meet for coffee or meals, and toast our good fortune at happy hours. Social events are planned by members for members.


What if I’m not ready to become a member yet?

There are many ways to support Davidson Village Network!
Become a Davidson Village Network volunteer.
Tell your friends, loved ones and neighbors about Davidson Village Network. Donate today to help ensure that Davidson Village Network will be here for you tomorrow.

Who can be a volunteer?

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Davidson Village Network—people of all ages, talents, and interests are welcome. Volunteers are screened to protect members’ safety and guarantee the quality of service. To apply, click here.

Who can be a service provider?

Any business or nonprofit organization may apply to partner with Davidson Village Network. Click here to find out more.