Need Help with Your Spring Home Repairs?

Spring Has SPRUNG and you may find that there are some things around your house and yard that need attention or just refreshing. While we are a “volunteer-first” organization, certain needs demand the services of a professional provider that our volunteers are not skilled, trained, or insured to perform. Relying upon the recommendations and requests of our members, we have begun to build a network of preferred service providers.

To ensure a high quality of work, reliability and integrity, each provider has been interviewed and has had license and reference checks. Some providers offer discounts for their services to Davidson Village Network (DVN) members, but that is a contract between the provider and the5 member. We will give you the contact information for these providers or, if requested, we can contact them for you to arrange the service.  After completion of the work, follow-up calls are made to the member to ensure that the services provided have been of the highest quality.

What is a DVN Preferred Provider:  Area businesses are selected based on direct referrals from Davidson Village Network Board of Directors, volunteers and members and from favorable recommendations from consumer sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Next Door Neighbors.  Screening includes verification of liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance and state license where appropriate. Three references have been checked except for direct referrals from the DVN Board of Directors. Members are encouraged to do any additional screening they feel is necessary.

How Members Request this Preferred Provider Service:   The Member should call the Davidson Village Network contact number (980-689-1843) to request a service as needed. If it is not a service that is provided by our volunteers, we will notify you of that and ask if you would like us to refer your request to one of our Preferred Providers.  Your service request will be directed to a Preferred Provider coordinator who will notify you of the providers recommended and vetted by DVN.  It will then be the Member’s responsibility to contact the referred Preferred Provider and arrange with them for work to be performed and payment to the provider.

Davidson Village Network is offering this referral service as a benefit to its’ Members and is not responsible for the work performed or its quality and has no financial liability to the Member or Preferred Provider.

Follow-Up by DVN Coordinator for Preferred Providers:  DVN will follow-up with the Member for feedback regarding satisfaction with the work performed.  This feedback will become part of the Preferred Provider’s record and could be the basis for not making future referrals to the provider.

Coming:  Other Preferred Provider categories will be added based on the needs of Members. Please let us know if you have other needs

Preferred Providers

Please call 980-689-1843 for a referral of a Preferred Provider from the following categories:

  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR (aging in place certified) 


If you would like to become a Preferred Provider for Davidson Village Network and are willing to provide quality service to our members, please complete the form below and our Preferred Provider Coordinator will contact you to explain the process and get more information.

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